Starseeds guidance and coaching

starseeds Guidance and coaching

Re-discover who you truly are

Starseeds are souls that did not originate on earth, but came from other planes of existence, often for many lifetimes. It’s impossible to compare those lives with this one. What is important, is that you are here… on this earth… in this life… at this time. And you are here for a reason. These times are crucial in earth’s history (history of the universe, for that matter), and starseeds play a pivotal role in guiding earth and humanity in the right direction. Most starseeds won’t awaken and not all starseeds will do good, but we can choose to become our true Self – earth always has ‘free will choice’.

After I discovered my own background and history, it became clear to me that it was my mission to guide and assist my fellow starseeds into becoming their true Selves. It had taken me decades and lots of struggles (even suffering) to do so. Now, I want to spare others the feelings I had along the way. This only works with the right guidance and coaching from someone who understands you… feels you… hears you… and who has been through it all himself. I know what you’re going through.

Via online (or in-person) one-on-one sessions we go through your process step by step together. Every path is unique and I won’t walk it for you (I only walk my own). But I can shine a light to show you where to step and when to choose direction. Between sessions I am 24/7 available for updates, questions, feedback, anything you need to share – especially if you’re going through a rough patch of the journey. Our working basis is a heart-to-heart communication, where there is transparency, trust, respect… all is based on full awareness and love.
About starseeds...

I am a starseed… my origins are somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy, but that is not relevant for my mission on earth. I have always felt like an outsider, as if I was an alien on earth. Well, in a way… that is true! I’ve never fitted in with ‘normal’ people and school was a struggle. I felt I was the only one, but now I know we are not.

I am also a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), and an empath. These traits do not define me, but they are an important part of who I am. And it’s no coincidence that many of my clients have these trait, too. You could even say that this is one of the gifts many starseeds are born with.

All starseeds bring with them abilities and gifts and knowledge, that we can use in our life. The downside of incarnating on earth, however, is that we forget everything when we are born. One of the keys steps is therefore to remember who we truly are. But first… we need to forget who we are not, who were forced to be in this life. We need to release all beliefs, karma, and other ways that keep us in a loop. For most of us, this is the first step in our awakening.

i don't know where I'm going
but I'm on way

No room for spiritual ego

There is a huge spiritual world out there, that’ll give you 1001 explanations and things you must do. People will share it all if you’d only buy their course… online groups to get into your power… retreats to find true femininity or masculinity… you can even claim the inner witch or sacred slut inside you. You’ll probably have found out by now, that most of it is just hollow words.

This is part of what is known as ‘spiritual ego’. And I’m afraid there is a lot of it out there. As soon as the teacher becomes more important than the teachings, something is wrong. Social media exposure can be important, but never as a goal in itself… it is only a means to an end.

Awakenings have become sort of a hype in the western world. Social media and entrepreneurs jumped on it, just as before with yoga, spiritual retreats, or tantra. Therapists and practitioners with serious background get lost among these new players. The new ‘reality’ becomes a world that is obsessed with image, and that creates a fake and empty new narrative.

Needless to say… this is not what I offer. That doesn’t mean that my way works for you, but there is only one way to find out.

Our body and massage therapy

One of the the things I ran into throughout life, is physical issues with my body. Mostly about pain and stiffness, inflammation of my sinuses and my guts, problems with my teeth… Many physical problems are a sign of something that is happening inside. Our body will tell us when something is wrong. Unfortunately, we are very bad in recognizing because nobody ever taught us how to listen to ourselves. So, we often end up drawing the wrong conclusions.

Since I started to receive massage treatment, I started to feel and ‘hear’ my body better. And I discovered that I can also give this loving touch to others. Heart-to-heart communication is not always with words. I’ve started to give intense massages (like Full Body Massage Experience), which can really open things up for sessions. If you want to know more, check the options for the sessions I offer. And if you live close by, you can also find out about my massages.

I am currently developing my new website Humalien
Here, I write about my own experiences as a starseed.

Book a session or ask a question
The online sessions usually take 2 hours and cost €70, but sometimes a 1 hour session (€40) is enough. I offer the option to get a package of multiple sessions, especially if we start our contact, which almost always includes one or more sessions with a third party. I do many things, but not everything. Here, I work together with an expert in reading your history as a starseed (and more) at levels that I simply can’t. I know her well and her (separate) sessions fit perfectly with mine… we work together.
Contact me via contact/booking if you have any questions, or to book a session. I live near Tavira at the moment and you are welcome in my home. I am also more than happy to come to your home for any kind of session (coaching or massage… or both). Please make sure you leave clear contact details, so I can get back to you. You can also send me an email (, or message directly via WhatsApp or Signal (+31652650670). I’m looking forward to hearing from you… and to get to know you when working with you. With love… Martijn

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