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to find meaning and loving connection

Most sessions I offer on this website are about massage. However, at the core of what I do, is my life mission to work with starseeds, and to assist them on their important paths in life. With the unprecedented change in the world in 2023, when people literally ended up in one of two groups (to some extent the separation of 3D-5D reality), there is a profound need for meaning and purpose… and a loving connection. 

On my website Humalien (as in… human alien), I write about my own experiences as a starseed. I write about my stories, things I ran into in life, and what I did to deal with them. I talk about what kept me busy and what triggers me, because I want to share and explain… Maybe I can make a difference for my fellow starseeds, sharing ideas. I also offer one-on-one sessions and even private retreats.

What can you expect from me?

As a coach/guide I walk beside (awakened) starseeds on their path of self-discovery and ascension. I won’t walk the path for you, but I shall light the way when things get dark. During one-on-one sessions, we talk about everything and anything that is alive and relevant at that moment, always keeping our goal in mind.

We first want to find your feet to properly ground and settle in life as the starseed you are. This may not be so easy, because there’s a lot of information out there, that may be confusing and contradicting, even with itself. It happens all too often that we need to unlearn things first, before we can continue. Simply said, we start by cutting all bullshit.

Later, we try to discover your true purpose and unique gifts in life (as the starseed you are), connecting to your higher Self and to your true Self. You will know and recognize when you realize. Then, you’re going to set out to do whatever it is, that you were always supposed to do on earth. And that is our goal.

In my work, I not only use the knowledge from different courses and trainings, but also experiences from my own processes and wisdom from my own journeys. I will support you in any way I can… I am fully here for you. We do sessions online via Zoom or any video call, which should be enough to also do exercises and meditation. For an intense and deeper experience (and perhaps to involve a 3rd party expertise), you are welcome in Spain for a private retreat.

More information on sessions

Below you can find more information about the coaching sessions. I also go deeper into the one-on-one sessions in Spain, a private retreat. Please understand that this is all custom-made and personal. It’s not some one-size-fits-all standard program for everyone. This goes for all sessions and even more so for the private retreat.

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starseed guidance/coaching sessions

Heart-to-heart communication and loving connection
A session is usually held online via a video connection, but if you live in the south of Spain and prefer to meet in person, we can do that. You’re very welcome in my home in Frigiliana (50km East of Málaga), or I can even come to you. A session often takes several hours. The follow-ups and in-betweens are shorter versions.

Outside the sessions you can always reach me to share things, ask a question, or just to consult about something. This way we can keep a log of how things are going, and later use this, if necessary, in a new session. Sometimes, it may be good to involve a third party, who is able to do specific readings about your origins as a starseed. I trust her abilities fully and see her input as vital for your process with me.

I have no set price for a full session or a follow-up. Every person and every situation is different, so you pay according to what you can and what you think it’s worth. If we connect in-between sessions about things you want to share or for a question or something, it is separate time (so no costs). I think this is important, so you have no barrier for sharing when things come up. Everything is connected and it could all be important… don’t loose the momentum. I am here for you…

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Starseed package and retreat

combine sessions with a visit to Spain

If we decide to walk this path together for a number of sessions, it might be good to discuss the options of a whole package. But this will be different for everyone, so it is truly a custom-made package. Let’s see what works best for both of us.

One option is to have a private retreat for a number of days to even a week. I have worked with this concept before, and it can really make an enormous difference to work in person. We can take our time, do exercises we could otherwise not do, and be much more ‘on it’. 

And since the south of Spain has beautiful weather all year round, you can also enjoy a bit of a holiday and a time-out from the busy life back home. It is relatively cheap to fly to Málaga International Airport, which is about half an hour away. We’ll plan a few things together, but there is also plenty of time for yourself. 

I have some interesting packages in the pipeline to combine sessions and activities. Since I haven’t yet lived in Spain for long, I still have to experience how every works in low season and high season (which usually lasts until roughly October). Prices depend on many factors, so it is impossible to say anything about this now. Stay tuned or just ask me about current options.

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