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Yoni is a Sanskriet word, that is often translated as vagina, but it is actually more than that. The vagina is only the part inside your body, while the outside part (incl. labia and clitoris) is the vulva. Both together are the yoni. I use the word yoni most times on this website, unless I really want to make a point of difference. 

Yoni literally means ‘sacred space’, which probably explains some of all the rituals and worshipping during a session. It is meant to honour the woman and her yoni as the feminine beings in all that they are… relieving her of physical and mental tension, expanding her Self and her sexuality, making her feel cherished and cared for… and that she truly may receive love.

taking good care of your yoni

A proper yoni massage is a delicate, but extremely powerful, massage of very likely the most vulnerable part of your body. We hold far more knowledge in our genitals than most people ever realize. This can be beautiful wisdom, coming from a place of love and abundance. But it can also be generational pain, deep shame, and of course trauma. A yoni massage can trigger all sorts of emotions and sensations and, at the same time, offer a powerful way for intense healing.

You may have experience with receiving a ‘western tantra massage’, that included your yoni, and now want more. Or you want to focus on your yoni’s voice and wisdom to work on some specific topic by using guided intention. Perhaps you’re looking to experience orgasmic bliss and intense pleasure. Or maybe you want to experience anal orgasms, cervical orgasms, or even a full body orgasm. Whatever your reasons… I’d be honoured to be your guide. I will create a safe and sacred space for you to receive whatever you and your yoni need and desire.

What is your yoni really telling you?

Your yoni has a voice and a will of her own, which may not always be the same as what you want. For instance… your mind and even your heart could say ‘yes’ to having sex. But if your yoni says ‘no’, she will close up, making penetration difficult and unpleasant. She may stay dry, numb to sensations, and can even block penetration altogether. Having sex anyway will likely be painful, unpleasant, even traumatic.

Your yoni needs to be seen, heard and taken care of, in order for her to be happy and healthy. She may remember things that your mind was eager to forget. You may convince yourself that you have healed from sexual trauma, but has your yoni, too? You may also carry generational burdens inside. Working on your yoni in a dedicated session, listening to and honouring her, can release negative memories and beliefs. You will feel more free and open… especially in your personal and sex life.

Having a session dedicated to your yoni

If you have multiple sessions with me, we may want to focus on your yoni in a follow-up session. Or perhaps we follow a personal program, working on specific subjects (wisdom, trauma healing, opening up to sexual pleasure). We discuss beforehand all we need to know about your yoni, which may include pleasure and turn-off’s, your sensations, anything that needs to be shared in our heart-to-heart connection.

Having a dedicated yoni massage does not mean, that we only work on your yoni. We start with tantric rituals, honouring the sacred yoni you carry within you (even if the connection is not always there). The body then needs to be physically prepared for a massage. I stimulate your entire body to open all your chakras, and activate especially your sacral chakra, to allow your sexual energy to flow free.

When your body is ready, I then ask your yoni if she is ready, too. Even if she is wet and you are both excited and we already had stimulation of the vulva (clitoris and labia), it could still be that she is not open to receive. We only proceed with internal yoni massage when she says she’s ready. If she says ‘no’, I do NOT go inside, even if you want me to. Our sessions are a safe place, I will never do anything to damage this.

Please note:

Although I usually penetrate the yoni in a massage with 1 or 2 fingers, it is of course not necessary. It can sometimes even be good to not penetrate at all, for instance when we are still building up. We can have an amazing yoni massage without penetration, so it is not a must. But penetration does allow for different sensations and orgasms (from touching your cervix, for instance), and of course for using healing energy inside.

This also goes for your anus. It’s not standard, but if you want, I can do an internal anal massage, including penetration with 1 or 2 fingers. Anal penetration can be incredibly pleasurable, and also very healing. We hold on to so many emotions and trauma with our anus, probably even more than our genitals. I have several good experiences with anal penetration. If you’re not used to connecting your anus with pleasure, though, it’ll require a big step for most women. It might be worth it, also because anal orgasms are intense en can be very powerful.

Having an orgasm (or multiple) during the massage

Although the massage is not about getting to one or more orgasms, we definitely welcome this sensation. I’ll never block an orgasm from happening, but I try to stay just under it, spreading orgasmic energy through your body. This, after all, is the healing light we want to shine in you, dissolving blockages, dealing with trauma, letting go of beliefs.

Climaxing during intercourse or oral sex (a clitoral or vaginal orgasm) usually leads to peak orgasm. These orgasms are often followed by a plateau period with less sexual energy flow for a while. For men that peak is more pronounced, followed by much lower energy and usually losing their erection. Some women have a similar experience when their vagina quickly becomes dry or over-sensitive to stimulation.

That is why I try to stay just under the peak, trying to sort of hover in a pleasurable flow of sexual energy, slowly building in intensity. You can actually experience a number of small orgasmic peaks. For some this can lead to an extended state of orgasmic bliss, and even a full body orgasm. Whatever happens, all is good. There’s no pressure to have an orgasm, or for anything at all to happen. All I ask you to do, is to let go and surrender. You can trust me… you’re in capable and loving hands.


There are many limiting beliefs and unnecessary shame (and shaming) around your time of bleeding. A yoni massage then, or just before your period starts, could actually be healthy for you and your yoni. During menstruation, your yoni is more open to be penetrated, because she is active. Energetically she is in a state of release and expulsion. It is perfect timing! 

I understand you may be worried about the blood, but don’t be burdened by this. I have several experiences with this, and it has never been an issue for me. However, if you experience heavy cramps and pain, a yoni massage can provoke and even worsen them. In that case, I have to advise against a massage.

Please be aware that, although I talk about trauma healing, spiritual expansion, and full body orgasms… I can never guarantee anything more than doing my absolute best for you. I have a number of massage certificates, but I’m NOT a ‘licensed trauma healer’ (even though some clients experienced healing and trauma release). If you know you need that level of professional approach for your (sexual) trauma, I would be happy to refer you to a specialized therapist. Other than that… all my clients have said they feel fully safe with me, even in their most vulnerable state. All my clients have received and enjoyed a full yoni massage, to which they could totally surrender.



2 – 2,5 hours


€ 160

It is difficult to judge how much time a session takes, because much depends on what is alive in you in that moment.

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