Lingam / Penis Massage

At the moment, I do not offer a lingam/penis massage on any (commercial) professional basis. I focus in my practice on working with women only. Should you, as a man, feel drawn to my style of work and communication, however, you can always get in contact with me to see if we can set up a customized lingam massage session after all.

learn to listen to your lingam

As a lingam-bearer myself, I know from own experience there is much more to the lingam, than we have been led to believe. The sexualized and 3D way of thinking in society has taught us two opposite things. Sex and masculinity equals power, so men must think with their penis. The other things, though, is that sex is bad or dirty. Already as a child, we start the disconnection from our penis. This only increases as we grow older. Most men never learn to (re)connect with their lingam.

The modern/western spiritual world makes it worse by putting a lot of pressure on the lingam. Penises and masculinity are considered to be a primal and raw power, full of intense lust, that (awakened) women expect from their man. At the same time, a heavy sexual guilt about female suffering throughout the ages is forced upon men. No wonder we’re disconnected from the voice of our lingam. It is buried under an immense burden of guilt, and suffering from unrealistic expectations.

Opening up to our penis may release so much heaviness. That load is often not even our own, but karmic burden of generations of men. We need healing and love, not the divisive talk between women and men. Our penis needs to be loved again… he needs to be seen and heard as not-lust and not-guilt, so he’ll be healthy and happy. This will have a positive effect on every aspect of our life, especially our love/sex life.

Connect to wisdom and pleasure

So, it’s not only societal heaviness that is stored in our genitals. After all, lingam means ‘wand of light’ in Sanskriet for a reason. All lingams have a wisdom we (men) can tap into… if we know how to connect. Our lingam stores memories and emotions that our mind often has forgotten, but that are important to be aware of. A dedicated lingam massage can be a tremendous healing and freeing experience. In my first lingam massage, I had a profound spiritual experience, feeling my body dissolve and becoming one with everything around me.

A lingam massage can be healing, spiritually expanding, extremely pleasurable, everything all at once… or something very different. You might be an experienced receiver of (western style) tantra massage, wanting to work on a specific topic. Or you want to experience deep sexual pleasure in your body, without having intercourse. Or perhaps, we are on a journey in our starseed sessions. Whatever the reason for your work with me, I’d be happy to be your guide, create a safe space for you to receive, and have you experience whatever is needed.

Preparation and orgasm

Having a focussed lingam massage does not mean, that the whole massage revolves around your lingam only. The body needs serious preparation, for instance to open your chakras and activate especially your sacral chakra. Your body also needs to be properly relaxed… we can’t receive a gift in a closed fist. When your body is prepared, I will ask your lingam if he is ready, too. Only when he says he is ready, can we proceed with the genital massage.

The preparation massage can have different effects in men. For some it leads to a strong erection, for some none at all. I always work with your energy, so there is no pressure to have an erection. Please know that in this type of massage, the erection comes and goes. The build-up is not a straight line, but goes from one small peak to the next. In between it is normal (and even necessary) to fully lose your erection.

It is possible that you have a peak orgasm and ejaculation during the massage. That is all fine, although it is not the goal of the massage. I will never block this from happening, but I try to stay just ahead of the actual peak, spreading orgasmic energy throughout your body, and moving it to where it is needed. Perhaps you will experience orgasm without ejaculation, or you get multiple orgasms. And if there is an early ejaculation, the massage won’t suddenly end… I will continue. Whatever happens, we welcome it all. You just relax and surrender.

Please note:

Please be aware that, although I talk about trauma healing, spiritual expansion, and different orgasms… I can never guarantee anything more than doing my absolute best for you. I have several official massage certifications, but I am no ‘licensed trauma healer’ (even though some clients experienced healing or trauma release). Also, I don’t offer therapy for stronger erections, lasting longer in sex, orgasm-without-ejaculation, or how to become multi-orgasmic. I’m happy to refer you to someone else. 

If you know you need a professional approach for healing (sexual) trauma, I recommend you to go to a specialized therapist. My clients have told me, that they feel safe and seen with me, even at their most vulnerable… this is important to me. Although I am not a medical or sexual expert, I am here for you to connect, listen, and touch.



2 – 2,5 hours


€ 160

It is difficult to judge how much time a session takes, because much depends on what is alive in you in that moment.

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