Full Body Massage Experience

Excluding genital massage (if you’re looking for an experience that includes a yoni or lingam massage, please click here)

deeply healing at all levels

Sometimes, the depth of intimacy that comes with a genital massage, is a step too far for some at that moment… and that is perfectly fine. It is important to acknowledge this, and never do anything you do not want. You can see this as part of setting boundaries and the building of trust between you and me in our client-therapist relationship. 

For many of us, trust is fragile and it needs to be earned step by step. It’s also possible, that you need to build up trust within yourself and with your own body first. We have all experienced how hurtful and damaging it can be if trust is broken. It can effect us at many levels, even where it’s not directly related to the original traumatic event.

Many women have experienced some sort of intimate trauma in their life, leaving them with scars on their sexual life and sexual self-image. It is why many women disconnect from their own yoni (vagina/vulva), and why sexual energy and sexual desires are often suppressed. This eventually blocks the life force energy and creative energy from freely flowing through the body. As a result, you don’t feel happy and often the body’s ability to heal itself is blocked altogether.

Step 1 of the 3 sessions

If we decide to start a series of sessions (basically with a minimum of three), it would be good to not start with a genital massage. We can work towards that intenser part later. This is not only to build up trust, it is also to slowly prepare the body to open up. You could experience intense energies during later sessions. Slowing down gives your body time to integrate everything that is happening, so it won’t be a shock when energies get more intense. There is no rush to a finish line, we’ll get there step by step. After all… your (healing) journey will start from the moment you decide to contact me.



2 – 2,5 hours


€ 160

It is difficult to judge how much time a session takes, because much depends on what is alive in you in that moment.

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