Full Body Massage Experience

This massage includes a genital massage… if you’re looking for an experience without massaging your genitals, please click here.

For all intimate massage sessions, I focus on working with women only, for the moment. This is my choice, which has to do with my damaged trust, or lack of it, in men… I’m working on it. There are no restrictions for a relaxation or dynamic massage. If you, as a man, still feel drawn to my style for the intimate massages, please just get into contact with me. Perhaps we can arrange a customized massage session.

this massage can change your life

The Full Body Massage Experience is exactly what the name suggests. This massage takes care of your entire body… not one spot will be left untouched. But it is more than just physical touch, it is an experience in itself. It deeply honours your body, your energy, the essence of Self, and your divine connection to Source. We meet in 5D, at higher levels than our physical bodies… we meet in unconditional Love.

The massage is performed on the floor, using comfortable mats in a dedicated and private space. This place is referred to as the ‘massage temple’. The atmosphere is set to be sensual but safe… this is a place where you can fully relax and surrender. You will be naked for quite some time, so the room is (very) warm and has full privacy.

Expectations, intentions, and boundaries

The massage is a combination of energy and physical massage and it includes the genitals. Although there is a lot of intimacy, the massage is NOT about sex (and there is no ‘happy ending’). I work only with my higher chakras (heart and third eye) and don’t go into an exchange of energies. Some therapists use sexual (feminine or masculine) energy from their own sacral chakra, but that is basically like having sex.
I stay far away from that. There is no arousal for me… I only give and channel Love (or Source energy). And you… you only have to receive. For many women this is in itself a new experience,. It can actually be difficult to allow yourself to receive only. In our (intimate) lives, we are so used to give something back if we receive. We either feel pressure or desire to return the favour. It’s often a healing experience to just be lovingly held or supported, and seen for the beautiful woman you are.
Before we start, I’ll explain what you can expect during the massage and how we communicate during a session. We discuss boundaries and ‘rules’ for the both of us. I’ll also ask questions about injuries and medical issues. Finally, we go into expectations and intentions. Some clients use sessions for healing, some for spiritual expansion, some for having a deep pleasure. We can set any intention before the session.

Going with the flow

From the moment we start, we surrender to whatever needs to be experienced, expressed, and felt. Your body already knows what it wants in the present moment. I find it important to go with the flow for what you need. When your body speaks, I’ll listen to the signals. And if some things take more or less time, I adept to this.
Part of a Massage Experience is a genital massage. The flow of sexual energy will undoubtedly bring pleasure and orgasmic energy, which I spread across your body. Having a peak orgasm is NOT our goal, and I don’t work towards one, but it can certainly happen. We welcome anything that comes up during a session, incl. one or more healing orgasms. As I said… we just go with the flow.

PS: If you want to have a Full Body Massage Experience without a genital massage, please click here to read more.



3 hours


€ 185

Going with the flow also means, that we will see how much time it all takes. I do not work on the clock.

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