Dynamic Massage

The dynamic massage is somewhat similar to ‘Holistic Pulsing’. It is a surprisingly relaxing massage that uses rhythmic movements and pulses. The rocking movements can feel as if being cradled by your mother when you were a baby. This is deeply satisfying and relaxing.

The massage is performed on a professional massage table. It has no direct skin contact and uses no oil. You are covered by a sarong and it can even be done with all clothes on. I personally advice against that, as it restricts free movement of your body. The massage will bring you in a surprisingly deep state of relaxation, that can last for hours. I have already had people fall asleep during a session.

There is no need for massage oil, but I’ll take things with me anyway. Sometimes it is beneficial to combine this massage with a hands-on-skin massage. Now, please relax… surrender to the rhythm, be swayed in love and care, and let yourself be taken on a beautiful trip.




60 minutes


€ 50

If you prefer a shorter or longer session, let me know in advance. The session can easily be combined with a relaxation massage (which then requires using oil)

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