Classic Relaxation Massage

With this classic relaxation massage you can allow yourself to relax and unwind, get the stress out, and release the tension in your body. Just surrender and fully give in to my attentive and loving touch for the moment… you will feel better afterwards.

The massage is performed on a professional massage table. Before we start, we discuss what your needs of the moment are, and if there are parts of your body that need extra attention (or should be avoided).

I will feel during the massage what areas I am drawn to. Our body can tell us exactly what it needs… if we know how to listen. I use different techniques for different parts of the body.

I take care of the massage oil, towels, and anything we may need, also when I come to your home. You just lay back, relax, and let yourself be treated with love and professional care. You are in capable hands…



100 minutes
60 minutes


€ 60
€ 45

I can customize the duration to your needs and time, if you prefer shorter or longer. Just let me know… and I’m sure we can work something out.

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