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Massage sessions

From slowing down and relaxing to spiritual activation and intimacy

In a massage session, there is more going on than just the massage. We need to first find the way between you and me to connect at the right level. It doesn’t matter what type of massage you will undergo, without the right connection it will be nothing more than touch only. Depending on the type of massage, we go through several processes and rituals that honour what is beneficial for you in that moment. 

We don’t do this in the same way. I am the therapist… a guide during the massage, and I make sure that you are safe and looked after. You are the client… the receiver undergoing the process. You surrender to whatever happens in the present moment. Please know that nothing is experienced or felt without reason. Together we find out what this means for you. Read more in About Massage.

What massage do you choose?
I offer a number of different massages. Click the name to see more detailed information. The Classic Relaxation Massage is exactly what it says. A Dynamic Massage is similar to holistic pulsing and involves rhythmic movement. Both are performed on a massage table. 
The Full Body Massage Experience is done on the floor. This is a long and intimate massage, normally including the genitals, but it is also possible without genital massage. On the other hand, we could focus on your genitals in a dedicated yoni massage or lingam massage.
To not immediately jump into the deep, I offer the opportunity to get a package of massages (and sessions) where we build up intensity. This is a good way to use massage on a healing journey. Or if you are more experienced, we can zoom in what you need to work on. If you know exactly what you want, having a 3 massage package will give you 10% discount as well (valid for one year).
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massages package

taking it step by step
building up to...
This package was created for two reasons. If you are not fully familiar with intense or intimate massage, this is a good way to build things up first. It gives you the chance to grow into the intensity, and we can go through the whole process of discovery and healing together. To try and put everything into one major experience of it all, will become so overwhelming that the essence will certainly get lost.
We can first have a one-on-one session to determine your intentions and goals for the massage sessions. When that is clear, we go into an intense massage without genitals to start. This will set many things in motion, that first need to settle and integrate. We then decide how to proceed for a second and a third massage, using the basis of trust we have build during the first. We can also add one-on-one sessions to work through everything that came up during the massages.
...or zooming into
Another option is to combine the Full Body Massage Experience with a dedicated yoni massage or lingam massage. This can be for specific purposes, like focussed healing, spiritual exploration, or a deepening of pleasure. A dedicated yoni or lingam massage is not only about the genitals, though. The preparation is shorter and the genital massage is longer in comparison with the Full Body Massage Experience.
Please realize that I am not a bodyworker, nor trauma therapist. And I therefore don’t claim to be able to solve sexual problems or traumatic experiences. You are very welcome, though, to ask anything and I am open to try anything first. Several women with a traumatic past have already been able to experience healing or expansion. But like I said, it is no guarantee and I will never claim to give this experience.



I don’t have an exact price for either of these options. It all depends on what we decide to do and what we find along the way. I don’t want to push things into a set and limited framework, that may work out for some, but not for others. If you are interested in this package, we can surely come to a fair price and right conditions.

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package discount

three of the same for 10% discount

If you know exactly what you want, and you know that you will be booking the same massage more often… it’ll pay off to get yourself a discount package. Three of the same massages will give you a 10% discount. There are only two conditions. They are (1) that you pay for all three during the first appointment, and (2) that you have to finish the package within one year of the first appointment. This goes for any type of massage.

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