Massage experience for women​

(full body) Massage Experience for women

What can you expect from a massage...?

A massage is a loving way to take care of yourself and to treat your body with some well-deserved (self) attention. And a massage can bring more, like deep healing and release, but also pleasure and spiritual expansion. You just be and surrender to my loving and caring touch. We can open unexpected ways for you to reconnect with Self and with Source (or Universe/God). As your massage therapist, I will guide you through this process. To receive love without conditions, nor intentions, may help you realize that you are, in essence, the love that you seek. This love is infinite, if we know how to access and accept it. 

My massages are not a standard or technical procedure, that’s why I call them an experience. Heart-to-heart connection is key, also for me to feel what is alive in you, what needs attention. My sessions are a safe and sacred time and space, where everything and anything is allowed to exist. This is vital for the intimate Massage Experience (links with tantra) and yoni massage. Open communication and trust are at the basis of every session. We first talk about your expectations and needs (even desires) and decide together what our focus will be (and what the boundaries are). Then… all you need to do, is surrender.

How does a massage work?

I offer different types of massages, either on a table (classic relaxation or dynamic massage) or on mats on the floor (Full Body Experience and yoni massage). All sessions are professional and held in a safe and sacred space. This could also be the privacy and comfort of your own home, if you prefer. I will take everything with me.

At the moment, I have my temporary, private space to work near Tavira, but I’d be more than happy to come to your home in south Portugal for a private session.

Before every (massage) session, we start with checking what’s alive in you. You may have specific pains, needs, thoughts, or desires that I should take into account. Or perhaps you want to work on a specific subject. How do you feel? What do you need? How can I take care of you? I hold space for you and allow to be, whatever needs to be experienced or expressed.

It may be that you just want to surrender to the flow, and let me feel where my intuition takes my attentive, loving touch. Especially in a Full Body or dedicated yoni/vagina massage, it can be quite liberating to surrender to loving touch. Just relax… this time is all about you. Check the page Massages for all my massage options, with much more background info.

About the intimacy of a Full Body Experience

When it comes to intimate massage (especially a dedicated yoni/vagina massage), a clear and open communication are vital. Trust is always the basis, especially since I am a male therapist (but trust goes both ways). We take care of all questions before we start. If you change your mind later, we talk about it and we adjust.

Although there may be sexual energy flowing and you might even experience orgasm(s), the massage is NOT about sex. There is only one receiver (you) and one giver (me). These roles never get mixed or switched. There is never an intention for more (no kissing, oral, intercourse, or you touching me). To know this, is part of the trust between us. If you’re looking for a sexual exchange, you will not find it with me.

My style of the Full Body Massage Experience is my own. It’s a mix of different types of massage (like dynamic, relaxation, and modern/western style tantra – which is actually not real tantra). Some female ‘tantra therapists’ do this energy dance between the feminine and masculine. They use their feminity to connect with clients through the sacral chakras. This basically means having sex at an energy level. Many clients are never aware of this, but if you are as sensitive as I am, this becomes very clear (and unpleasant).

I work only from my heart and third-eye chakra, never from my lower chakras. I open all of yours and control my own. During a session, there is NO sexual energy exchange and NO energetic penetration. I activate your own energy and spread it across your body, where it will do its work (like healing). Trust me… you are in safe and capable hands. Check About Massage for more information about massages and About Martijn to learn more about me.

I offer guidance and coaching for starseeds

Apart from massages, I also offer guidance and coaching sessions for awakened starseeds who perhaps feel a bit stuck on their spiritual path. The recent changes in the world, the ascension to 5D, the shift to a (much) higher vibration… they all leave their mark. Our bodies change, too, which can feel painful in the places where there is still stuff to release and heal. And that is what is needed to move forward. 

Now, we are in a new state of the world, and with that, a higher level of consciousness. We think, feel, and experience from the heart… no longer from the mind or led by our emotions. The heart-to-heart connection and my loving and attentive touch fit well in this higher perspective. From this space, we see things for what they truly are, and observe them in love, to heal and to let go. I write about my personal experiences on my blog: Humalien.

Loving touch can help identify whatever needs to be felt or experienced. This is how massage sessions can become healing sessions and/or spiritual expansion to discover Self and Source. In the end… this is at the heart of what I offer. Surrender… let go… and be who you truly are!

To know love...
is to surrender to love

Contact me via contact/booking if you have any questions, or to make an appointment. I live close to Tavira at the moment and you are welcome in my home. I am also more than happy to come to your home for any kind of session. Please make sure that you leave clear contact details, so I can easily get back to you. You can also just send me an email (, or message directly via WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram (+31652650670). I’m looking forward to hearing from you and, of course, to be working with you. With love… Martijn

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