massage experience for men

(full body) Massage Experience for men

What can you expect from a massage...?

A massage is a beautiful way to take care of yourself, and treat your body with some well-deserved (self) love and attention. It can also bring you much more, like a deep healing, release of tension, a spiritual expansion, or even an intense pleasure. You are worth this loving touch, which can open doors you didn’t even know existed in you. Doors to your true Self and Source (Universe/God). To receive love without conditions, expectations or intentions, could make you realize that you are, in essence, the love that you seek. This love is infinite, if we know how to access and accept it. 

My massages are not some standard, technical procedure. Heart-to-heart connection is key, also to feel what is alive in you and what needs attention. My sessions are a safe and sacred space where everything and anything is allowed to exist. Trust and heart-to-heart communication are the basis of every step. We talk in full openness about your pains, needs and expectations, we decide on the focus and talk about boundaries. Then, all you need to do is relax, surrender… and trust my touch.

What can you expect of me?

I offer a number of massages for both men and women. All sessions are professional, held in a private, safe, (sacred) space… which could also be the privacy and comfort of your own home (let’s see what works best for you). I have my own private space in Frigiliana (50km East of Málaga). But I’d be more than happy to load all my stuff in the car and come to you.

For every (massage) session we always start by checking what is alive in you. You may have specific pains, needs, thoughts, or even desires that I can take into account. Maybe you want to work on something specific… I hold space for you and for whatever is needed. There may be some difference between one-time sessions and sessions as part of a longer project.

Perhaps, you just want to surrender to the flow and let me feel where my attentive and loving touch is needed. Especially with a dedicated lingam – penis massage, it is quite liberating to surrender to my loving touch. Just relax… this time is all about you. Check Massages for all types of massages that I offer, with much more background info.

About the intimate massage experience

When it comes to intimate massages (especially a dedicated lingam – penis massage), full trust and open communication are vital. If you have searched online for a tantra massage or something similar to that, you will have found out that most massages basically offer sex. You need to be specific to find a good tantra or other massage therapist.

On my website, I wrote this page about how some (likely many) female tantra therapists are unaware of how and where they cross the line to sex. Some women say that is exactly what all men are looking for, but that’s not true. Most men do NOT want this sexual exchange, rather the opposite. Yet, it is often almost pushed upon them, partly because of the hyper-sexualization of western spiritualism. I think such 3D sex-gender-confirmation is damaging and wrong. In my massages, there is no place for this. I also don’t claim to offer stronger erections, longer lasting in sex, or that you become multi-orgasmic.

But to also be clear the other way around… there will be sexual energy flowing and you might even experience orgasm(s). But my massages are not about sex. There is only one receiver (you) and one giver (me). These roles can/will never get mixed or switched… and there is no intention otherwise. To know this, is important for our trust, for both of us.

My style of a Full Body Massage Experience is my own. It is a mix of different massages, including dynamic, relaxation, and western style tantra. I work only from my heart and third-eye chakra, never from my lower chakras. So, there is NO exchange of energy and NO energetic penetration. We connect at a higher level in loving energy. You are in safe, capable hands. Check About Massage for more information about massages and About Martijn for background information about me.

Other sessions

Apart from massages, I also offer guidance and coaching sessions for awakened starseeds who feel stuck on their spiritual path. Some recent changes in the world, the stories of ascension to 5D, shifts to a (much) higher vibration… they all leave a mark. And our bodies change with us, which can feel strange or even painful. But that is what is needed to move forward. 

Now, we are in a new state of the world, and with that, at a higher level of consciousness. We think, feel, and experience from the heart… no longer from the mind, led by our emotions. Heart-to-heart connection and my loving and attentive touch fit such a higher perspective. From this space, we see things for what they truly are, observe them in love, we may heal and let go. I write about this and my personal experiences on my website: Humalien.

Loving touch can help identify whatever needs to be felt or experienced. This is how massage sessions can become healing sessions and/or spiritual expansion to discover Self and Source. In the end… this is at the heart of what I offer. Surrender… let go… and be who you truly are!

To know love...
is to surrender to love

Book an appointment

Contact me via contact/booking if you have any questions, or want to make an appointment. I live in Frigiliana (50km East of Málaga) and you are welcome in my home. I’m also more than happy to come to your home for any kind of session. Please make sure that you leave clear contact details, so I can easily get back to you. Send me an email (, or message me directly via WhatsApp/Signal/Te;egram (+31652650670). My Spanish number (only sms and calls) is +34675453599. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and, of course, to be working with you. With love… Martijn

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