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Benefits of massage... expectations and 'boundaries'

I offer different massages to help you to relax your body and mind. Dedicated massage can also support your journey of (re)discovering your true Self. On a professional massage table I give Classic Relaxation and Dynamic Massage. I also offer a Full Body Massage Experience, performed on floor mats. Our heart-to-heart communication during sessions is essential to create connection, build trust, and gently attune to resonate with each other’s frequencies.

In the physical work, I use attentive and loving touch, working intuitively from my heart and third eye chakra. Although the overall structure of a massage and some specific techniques follow procedures, I trust to my intuition to guide me through the sessions. I may feel some elements require more time and a stronger touch, or a certain body part needs more or less attention. To me, this is an example of communicating heart-to-heart without words.

The Full Body Massage Experience is slow and quite intimate. It usually includes working on your genitals with a healing yoni/vagina massage or lingam/penis massage. Of course, this only happens if you want this. We decide beforehand. Genital massage can be an incredibly powerful and healing experience. The awakened and aroused energy is spread throughout the body in order to work – to heal – to light up where it’s needed. We don’t work towards an orgasm, but if it does happen, we welcome this blissful moment… and use its energy well.

Prana - your life force energy

Most massages are first and foremost all about relaxation. The ultimate ‘goal’ of a more spiritual massage, is to (re)connect with Source through you body. I activate your chakras and open up your body’s energy. During a FBME, it is possible to further provoke the prana flow through sexual stimulation. Via my attentive and loving touch, I’ll guide you to connect to the physical part of your ‘subtle body’.

Some parts that now come in the light, have something to tell you (memories, emotions, trauma, sensations). You can experience all sorts of joy, pain, sorrow, or even bliss. This gives you the chance to see things for what they are, without the story you’ve build around it – usually by ego. If it needs healing, exposing it to loving light might dissolve (part of) it.

Ultimately, you will return to your core Self, including your sexual and creative Self. All your inner and sexual being is allowed to exist and express here. There is no set goal during the massage. We welcome anything that comes up. After the massage, it could take hours or even days for things to become clear. I will always be here to support you…

Is this a tantra massage?

Simply said… yes and no. Some call the intimate massage tantra, and there are clear links… but it’s not ‘real tantra’. Real tantra is an energy only massage, that requires no touch. Nowadays, the word tantra is often misused in the western world for something that is basically a commercial and sexualized hype. You could call it ‘conscious sexual intimacy’.

To be clear… western tantra can be very pleasant and I can give such a massage. But a FBME is neither real nor western tantra. I combine several techniques and knowledge of different styles (incl. said tantra). An essential difference, is that I specifically do NOT use my sacral (2nd) chakra in my work… nor any other of the lower chakras, for that matter.

I use only my heart and third eye (i.e. 4th and 6th) chakra, but I work on all of your chakras, including the sacral chakra. You only receive during a massage. Heart-to-heart connection may go both ways, but giving or receiving is one way only. I give, you receive… that’s it. Energy flows from me to you – or better, through me to you. Read more about the link with tantra on the page: is this tantra?

A meeting from heart to heart

Once our body is open to touch and relaxation, and we allow our own Life Energy to flow freely through our body, we open our heart to Source and Love. Perhaps we now realize that we have always known Source and we have always been able to connect… we’ve just forgotten how. The (sacred) task of a good guide, what I try to be as your masseur, is not to do all the work for you, but to merely point out the door. And only when you’re ready, you can step through it yourself.

It is easy to mistake an intimate massage for a sexual experience. Many centuries of religious doctrines and the fake reality of (social) media in modern times, make it that we are used to seeing intimacy and our own genitals as something sexual. But being intimate is not the same as having sex. Intimacy is, in fact, very natural… the sexualization of it, is not. It is important to understand this beforehand, so there are no misunderstandings or expectations of sex in any way or form. An intimate session can only work if we both experience a full trust between us.

Our heart-to-heart connection is the centre and the most important part in our work together. It is the kind of link especially an awakened starseed needs in order to truly meet each other at a ‘higher level of consciousness’. To say such a thing, might sound arrogant to some, and that is fine… if it doesn’t resonate with you, we’re not a match. I assure you, however, that the levels of consciousness are true and vital. In such connections, there is only truth, total surrender, and full transparency. This re-affirms trust and allows us to open up (and release) even more…

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