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GOIN Massage

A safe place for connection, intimacy and spiritual expansion

GOIN Massage offers profound massage experiences  to help you (re)connect with your body and your true Self, perhaps even through some healing sessions. My style is my own mix from various massage courses, teachings, and personal experiences.

I also offer heart-to-heart sessions and spiritual guidance, especially for my fellow HSP’s and starseeds. My goal is to help you discover your true potential, gifts, and uniqueness. Please check Humalien for more info and my blog on mostly spiritual topics.


To receive love, to be held, and to feel attentive touch without expectations or incentive, can be a healing experience in itself. Some massages are intimate, but they’re NOT about sex. There’s one receiver (you) and one giver (me), and these roles never mix or switch. My task is to hold a safe space for you, and welcome whatever needs to be felt, expressed, or experienced. You are loved and honoured, without any intentions, judgement or goals.

I especially welcome my fellow starseeds  on their unique, divine path in this world. With new energies flowing into an emerging new world, times are exciting but difficult. The ‘ascension process to 5D’ triggers effects in our consciousness, as well as our mind and body. These changes and upgrades will be challenging and painful to experience, if we still have unresolved trauma stored in us. This trauma needs to go before you move on.

My heart-to-heart sessions and massages can help you to identify and then to heal this trauma and blockages. So you awaken to Self – to Love – to Source. You are now ready for the next phase of your journey. To remember who you truly are, allows you to open new doors, and to receive new insights in life. Let me be a guiding light on your path during this (often dark) part of your ascension process. Just surrender… you are in safe hands…

Massage experience for women

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Massage experience for men

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Classic relaxation massage

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Guidance and coaching

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Massage to re-connect

Surrendering to touch and receiving love, helps you on your road to self-discovery

Many people have lost connection with their body and their true selves. Especially if you’re a starseed, life was far away from who you truly are… this world feels so alien. It’s easy to drown in the demands of family, career, and social life, thereby losing sight of our own needs and desires. Taking care of our body and mind, opens a space for unconditional love to come in, so our beautiful light can shine again.

We are made up of many (energy) systems in various layers of our ‘subtle body’. They can get blocked, damaged, or even closed. Trauma and the coping mechanisms we develop as a result of trauma, are often the underlying cause…

Especially in our emotional and sexual life, we can feel shame, disconnection, or pain around intimacy. This can even be passed on between generations (in women and men). Changes in our life may trigger this (sleeping) trauma.

Healthy practices in a safe environment, like an intense massage, can help us find and dissolve trauma blockages to re-establish the flow of prana, our life energy.

We are then able to reconnect with ourselves by using the healing power of our own (sexual) energy. This allows us to (re)discover who we truly are. We’re able to feel a deep, loving bond again with ourselves and with others… we can reconnect with Source and with life.

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seven chakras and the benefits of massage

Massage can help your spiritual growth ... treat yourself to one regularly

expanding connection to source

We all come from Source and return to Source… we are all connected to Source, which is key in understanding who we truly are. This connection can get heavily disturbed by modern life and the way we live, either by choice or as a way of survival. Surrendering to loving touch helps us to reduce and even stop disturbances. Remember the spiritual being you truly are, and let your connection to source grow stronger and deeper.

ascension and spiritual insights

During conscious massage, the energy flow (prana) is used for healing, pleasure and growth… and sometimes it becomes a spiritual experience. This is what happened with me several times. My body just dissolved and I became aware of deep personal (and universal) insights. I even met my star family once. These profoundly spiritual experiences really helped me on my process of growth and ascension.

expressing yourself through love

Many of us have a blockage in our throat chakra, because we’re afraid to express ourselves… at work, in society, and often in our relationship, too. Traumatic experiences and shame around our emotions discourage us to say what we feel… what is alive inside us. Even when we are intimate (for some especially then), we don’t open up and ask or say what we desire. You are safe to express anything during my massage experience. In fact, I encourage you to express anything that needs to be outed.

reconnecting with your heart

Our heart is the centre of who we truly are, yet life has taught us to be disconnected from our heart. Almost all people live from ego, being led by our mind and emotions. Ego is not about pretentiousness or status… it usually is about getting through our everyday life. Over time, we drift away from our true selves and our heart’s desire, and with that… our life goals and purpose. Massage reconnects you with your heart and allows you to use your inner light to shine bright, for yourself… and others.

healing blockages to act and be(come)

The solar plexus chakra and diaphragm are a common place for energy blockages. Here we experience our intuition and gut-feelings, which we all too often ignore. If creative or sexual energy from below is blocked, it can’t move to the higher part of our body, where it is actually needed. The other way around, it is difficult to connect with our lower half, incl. our sexuality/creativity and our intention to move and just be. Massage can help you to feel what your body is telling you and then act on this.

connect and expand sexuality/creativity

Our sacral chakra plays a key role in intimate massage, as it’s connected to our sexual and creative energy. A massage awakens and stimulates this energy, which is then directed to other parts of the body. This can be a place where trauma is stored or important knowledge/wisdom is hidden. We can receive a healing or discover truth about ourselves, our past, or even about about the universe and beyond. When we are stuck in life, this energy is vital to get us going again… in the right direction.

grounding and connecting to earth

It is amazing to (re)connect to Source and to spiritual states like divine feminine/masculine, sacred sexuality, high priest(ess). But just like with western tantra, these terms are hollow if not properly understood and grounded within our body. It creates imbalance, which leads to feeling lack of safety, causing depression and anxiety. This effects all the other chakras to shift out of balance. This is why a safe and sacred space for the massage is so important… and why integration afterwards is vital.

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your Massage Therapist and guide

Martijn Westdijk

Hi… my name is Martijn. My mission in life is to help starseeds on their journey of healing and re-discovery of Self. During my own journey, I experienced the power of loving touch in a conscious massage. With the right guidance and intention, the massage can become a healing experience and a catalyst for your process of reconnecting with Self.

I am a starseed, a Highly Sensitive man (HSP), and an empath. Those traits don’t define who I am, but they are very important in my work and my personal life. Many of my clients also fall in these categories. We seem to find each other, and now you’ve found me, too. It would be my honour and pleasure to go into your process together.

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Choose a package of three to receive a 10% discount

All massages (or any one-on-one sessions, if you want) are held in a private, comfortable massage room in my house in Frigiliana in Andalusia, Spain. Here, we have everything at our disposal. In this safe and sacred space we welcome whatever may come up during the massage, and we allow anything to be there.

If you prefer to receive a massage in the privacy and safety of your own home, I am able to come to you. Depending on circumstances, like travel distance, a surcharge may apply. I take everything with me, you only need to have a quiet place where we’re not disturbed.

If you are on a very low budget and you can’t afford the prices I ask, you can still contact me to see if we can make it work. Perhaps payment in terms, or an exchange of services (no sex!), or some other way… we can always discuss options.

The one-on-one sessions are held online (or face to face, if you live in the south of Spain and prefer this) via Zoom or some other video connection.

Classic Relaxation Massage
(on professional massage table)

100 minutes for € 60
60 minutes for € 45

Dynamic Massage – Holistic Pulsing
(on professional massage table)

60 minutes for € 50

Full Body Massage Experience
(including genital massage)

3 hours for € 185

Full Body Massage Experience
(without genital massage)

2 – 2,5 hours for € 160

Genital (yoni or lingam) Massage
(including preparation massage)

 2 – 2,5 hours for € 160

Get a package of 3 sessions to receive a 10% discount:

3 x Classic Relaxation Massages
3 x Dynamic Massage – Holistic Pulsing
3 x Full Body Massage Experiences

€ 120 – € 160
€ 135
€ 500

* all packages are valid for one year

One-on-one coaching/guidance session
(Zoom or video connection)

private retreat: custom price

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